The Book of Earth

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Terrabook – The Book of Earth




Terrabook’s philosophy is summed up in its name, as the Latin «Terra» stands for «Earth».

Every piece of information you may seek for your destination is inside the Book of Earth! Terrabook is a pioneering and innovative platform that allows you to search for all the information you may need for an area, in a single website. While geographically navigating Terrabook’s interactive map, you can form a complete picture of an area and its Points of Interest, and organize your trips in the best way possible.

Original and detailed texts and photographs cover every aspect of your destination. Inside Terrabook you can find everything, from the various useful and practical information, such as where you can stay, where you can eat and how you can have fun, to detailed presentations of all the sights, natural and cultural attractions an area has to offer.

The Book of Earth is here, and it invites you to use it to get information and plan your trips and vacation in an easy and fun way!